Field Guide to Amazonian Bats – López-Baucells, A., Rocha, R., Bobrowiec, P.E.D., Bernard, E., Palmeirim, J.M. & Meyer, C.F.J. (2016) National Institute of Amazonian Research, Manaus, Brazil.

Portada ABFG_01The book is designed as a guide aimed at satisfying the needs of those conducting field work on bats in the Amazon. It is largely based on previous published keys with modifications derived from both personal observations and years of field experience in the Brazilian Amazon at the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (BDFFP), as well as a thorough revision of available bat keys and species descriptions. The aim was to produce an easy-to-use guide that would be both practical and visually appealing. The guide is available in digital format, and can thus be readily consulted on tablets and even smartphones. Interactive links connect all steps of the identification keys making it easy to navigate across the book and link to direct the research to the IUCN Red List species page where more information can be found. The field guide also features the first acoustic key for Amazonian bats, illustrated with the echolocation spectrogram of most species. This represents a major step towards alleviating the daunting task of identifying the numerous species of aerial insectivorous bats that occur in the Amazon based on their echolocation calls, a group which remains largely understudied.

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